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Kit & Shop

We have partnered with Akuma to provide a range of kit for our referees. Whilst we provide some kit for free when a referee has completed their first 5 society appointments, other kit is available directly from Akuma. Read on for more information...

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What do we provide?

After you have completed 5 society appointments the society will order you the following items of kit:

- Refereeing Shirt

- Refereeing Shorts

- Refereeing Socks

- Pre-Game Polo Shirt

- Society Tie

Each year, we also provide an additional kit allowance to those referees who completed the most games for the previous season. This is in recognition that they will wear through kit quicker and as a thank you for the time they have given up as volunteers.

What else is available and how do you get it?

Akuma have organised a wide range of kit options including base layers, mid layers and tracksuits for referees to purchase directly from them through the link that is below. This is a restricted site which is password protected so that only members can access it.

There are also Orange or White refereeing shirts available which are not on the web shop. These can be ordered through the Kit Manager, who's details can be found on the Committee page.

Access to the shop!

To get the password to access the shop, please contact the Kit Manager who will provide it to you

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