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Our Objectives

The overall aim of the society is to provide quality match officials for all scheduled matches in Oxfordshire and when requested on exchange. In order to do this we have three current focus areas:

Recruitment & Retention

We are working hard in partnership with our Regional Constituent Body (Oxfordshire RFU), our clubs and our educational establishments to recruit more referees to help us achieve our main objective. This includes supporting them in their year of qualification, watching them in one of their first few games and introducing them to fellow referees who can support their understanding of the game.

Alongside side recruiting new members, we need to ensure we retain those we already have, making them feel valued, supported and able to develop to the best of their ability.

Ambition & Ability

Deliver a transparent and fair appointments process which provides the right balance of giving all referees a share of games whilst also challenging those capable of progression when appropriate.

Ensure that match official developers are appointed across the referee population to encourage, advise and challenge referees on their journey.

Develop a mentoring and coaching network for referees who want to have this support when they first start out (mentoring) or where they have demonstrated the desire, ability and commitment to progress (coaching).

Building Our Relationships

Build our relationships both within and outside of the county.

Within the county we need to have stronger bonds with our clubs so that we can work better together to deliver the right referee for the right game. We also need to partner with our Regional Constituent Body (Oxfordshire RFU) to ensure we are pulling in the same direction on key matter such as participation numbers, representative matches and the disciplinary process.

Outside of county we should be known by our Representative Body (RFRU) as a leading society in the country who works with them to enhance the refereeing experience for all referees in England. We must have strong links with other societies as well to share best practice and provide appropriate and varied exchange games to our referees and those from our sister societies.

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