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Want to become a rugby referee?

Who can be a referee?

The short and corny answer is anyone, as long as you are 14 or older.


You might be a recently retired player, a parent wanting to be more involved in your child’s rugby, or simply want to give something back to the game you love. All are perfectly valid reasons for becoming a rugby union referee.   Refereeing is rewarding, challenging, fun and fulfilling, and getting into it is easier than you think.  There’s no age limit, as long as you are fit and healthy (and if you’re not so mobile, see below for details on becoming a Match Official Developer).

How can I get involved?

You may already have been refereeing informally at your local club, in a school setting, or during training sessions or injury lay-offs.   The main formal training qualification for referees is the England Rugby Refereeing Award (ERRA), run by the RFU.  Usually a 2-day course, this is a comprehensive introduction to refereeing the modern game and is a great kick-start to your refereeing career.  Click here for more details

Once you have found a course you want to do, join the society by following the steps described.

If you aren’t able to referee ‘in the middle’ for whatever reason, then why not consider becoming a Match Official Developer?  Developers fulfil a vital role in the continuing development and regrading of officials of all ages and grades, and the Society is always looking to appoint new developers. Get in touch to find out more.

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